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Fishing is a very popular sport. There are men who wait each year to take their hard-earned vacation at their favorite fishing spot. While the wife may wait for her vacation to go on a cruise, see the world or get to that place that has the perfect shoes, her husband will be waiting for the call of the babbling brook. It is trout season. He and the guys will pack their vehicles full of fishing gear. They will have everything from bait to fishing rods. They have been shopping and stocking those tackle boxes all year. The perfect lure, the perfect hook, the perfect line, all purchased in the hopes of making “the perfect catch.”

Fishing is a ritual. There are groups who have gone to the same spot year after year, fishing and bonding. It is a place where the guys come together to be guys. The cabin or lodge is their sanctuary. They will not pick up their socks, they may or may not even wash the dishes. But they will fish. Oh boy, will they fish. They will get up early and fish well into the night. If they are stream fishing, they will don waterproof pants and stand in the water for hours on end, casting their lines again and again, trying to land that perfect catch. During this ritual, they will bond as friends. They will solve the problems of the world. By the end of the fishing trip they will know what needs to be done, they will have figured out where the country went wrong, why the economy is in trouble, and what the president should do to fix it. They will solve all of their marital problems, their issues at work, the latest family crises and, maybe, just maybe, they will catch a fish. A fish that gives them the bragging rights until next year’s trip.

Follow That Rainbow

Rainbow Trout
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Trout that is. The rainbow trout fishing experience in Canada is one of the best. Rainbow trout can be found pretty much year round in the waters of Canada. Depending on the time of year, the fishing is done in different ways, from shallow water fishing in the spring, to fly rods in the summer, to the fall and winter months where lures and bait are the best way to land that trout. No matter when you have the time to go fishing, chances are you can fish for the rainbow trout. Rainbow trout usually spawn from April through June, but have also been known to do so in the Fall, making the stock of rainbow trout prevalent throughout the year.

The rainbow trout is a type of fish sought after by many fishermen. Not only is it a pleasant fish to look at with its red stripe down the side and its black spots, but it is a fun fish to play with. The rainbow trout is fast and strong, having been known to unreel an entire length of line, hopping in and out of the water. If you are fishing for the fun of it, this fish likes the game. Rainbow trout are feisty and appear to like to put on a show, making you work for the prize.

The rainbow trout has an amazing sense of smell and a keen ability to sense movement in the water, making for an event in itself, matching wits and snagging the prize. However, rainbow trout are prevalent throughout North America, so if rainbow trout fishing is your sport, you have a lot of choices.

Any season is rainbow trout season. Pick the time of year you like best, and match the type of equipment you need to the time of year you are planning on fishing. The just sit back and enjoy the show.

Canada Fishing

Fall Chinook Salmon
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Fishing is Canada’s national past time, with Ontario being the number one fishing destination in North America, with over 250,000 lakes. While there are plenty of fish for the commercial fisherman, it is fishing as a sport that attracts anglers from all over the world to Canada, and there is great fishing all across the region.

There are 180 native fish species to Canada, with many different varieties. For example, if it is trout you are interested in, there are bull trout, cutthroat trout, lake trout, brook trout, brown trout, and the ever popular rainbow trout. If you are in search of salmon, you are in luck. There are sockeye salmon, coho salmon, Chinook salmon, chum salmon, Atlantic salmon and of course, pink salmon. Whitefish come in lake whitefish, broad whitefish and round whitefish. You will also find chars, muskie, perch, minnows and crawfish.

Of course there are more than enough places to stay, and the fisherman can choose his spot for his particular needs or likes. Obviously the commercial fisherman knows where to go to get his catch, this is his livelihood. The sport fishermen go where the fish are biting. A fishing trip can range from trying to catch the best trout, to a day on the lakes, just enjoying the sport and returning the fish to their natural habitat. There are lakes in Canada that are “catch and release” fishing only. You can fish all day, and release the fish once caught. Some lakes allow “no live bait.” You would choose this fishing site only if you were fishing for the type of fish that would not require you to use live bait on your fishing hook.

Whatever type of fishing is your pleasure, you can find it in Canada. Do your research, find the spot that is best for you and your friends, and enjoy the fishing that makes Ontario number one for the angler.

Best Places for Salmon Fishing

Do you ever wonder where all of the salmon came from every time you buy salmon; whether it is fresh in the market or in a can? Not only do they taste delicious but are good for the body since they go along with other food groups such as rice or pasta. You might consider going to some of these destinations to catch some salmon.

Seattle is one of the spots that salmon go to because of the Puget Sound stream. You can go and some salmon in the Lake Union, Lake Washington and Elliott Bay. And up on the border of Canada, the neighbor to it has some great places to go fishing.

British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada is alive with many types of ethnic groups of people where there is a Chinatown for some dim sum and some spots to go fishing. One example in Vancouver is off the coast of Vancouver Island is a place called Ucluelet Sound. A company called “Salmon Eye Charter” will arrange everything which includes lodging during the months of from May to September. If you do ever get to hit British Columbia, make sure to get a fishing license up there since it is required before you start fishing.

Alaska is well known to have some spots to go fishing at since it is cold almost all year round. And despite the temperature, it reminds people of Christmas since the surrounding area is covered with snow even during other seasons. There are five species of salmon which one of them travels to Alaska during that time of the year. And just like Canada, you do need a fishing license before you can get started whether you are a resident or not. Despite that it is priced higher, it is worth getting the fishing license just to be on the safe side.

As you can see, the Puget Sound area have some nice places to travel to when in either one of the states. Know some rules and regulations before you go fishing.

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The Fishing Vessel

Fishing Boat
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You can fish off the side of a bridge all day. You can wade in knee deep water if it is your preference. Fisherman have their own particular “favorites” and make them a part of their fishing experience. If you prefer to go out onto the water in boat to do your fishing, obviously safety plays an important part. Knowing what to do and being prepared for anything will make your trip safe and fun.

Don’t go out on a deep water fishing trip if there is a forecast of horrible weather. It is not worth taking the chance that something might happen during the trip. After a storm, when the waters calm down, the fish are stirred up and there are more for the taking.

Whether in a small boat or a large passenger vessel, be sure that all safety precautions have been taken. Make sure there is a life jacket available for each passenger. Wear the life jackets. The water does not have to be very deep, and if a boat turns over the passengers may not know what happened and will know that they will be at least on the surface of the water. Trying to put a life jacket on after a disaster is difficult at best, and in extreme cases impossible.

Make sure you can get in touch with some one in an emergency. Is there something available if the boat is flooded and everything gets wet? Make sure your cell phone is in a waterproof container in case you need to contact someone for help.

Fishing trips are supposed to be leisure time fun. Unfortunately all too often leisure time fun can turn into a coast guard emergency with one wave, or hitting one rock, disaster can strike in the blink of an eye. Being prepared for emergencies is the best way to insure that you have fun on your trip, and arrive home safely.