Spending for Your Hobby

Image Courtesy of Flikr

Having a hobby like fishing can be a serious drain on your resources. With the changes to the world economy partially brought about by crazy spending in the US, it might almost sound like times are too bad to spend on your favorite hobby. But it’s important to be willing to use your money for what you really want. In a mindset of personal economic freedom, you can spend a lot for your hobbies if you save in other places.

Consciously Spending

With the US Dollar Demise looming on the horizon and its place as the world’s central currency faltering, this is a time of insecurity for a lot of people. For many, it seems as if spending money on just about anything is a bad idea. The irony is, the refusal to spend any money tends to bring about far worse problems than it solves. Ultimately, money loses its value if no one ever spends any of it.

What a lot of folks need to realize is that spending money is a good thing when it is done with some thought behind it. Spending for no reason is foolish, but spending that is in line with your values is a very useful thing for you and the economy.

The Edge of Practicality

Fishing isn’t like a lot of other hobbies, where spending a small fortune is scarcely justifiable. When you fish, you not only calm yourself to a point of near meditation. You also have the potential to catch dinner, which is imminently practical. While endless significant others have cited the slight impracticality of buying things like a pontoon boat for the purpose of going fishing, there is still a practical edge to the practice.

What Needs to Go?

In order to spend consciously, you need to eliminate things that you don’t care about. This can mean anything from working to cut your utility bills, to lowering your mortgage interest rate. It can even mean getting rid of an extra car and telecommuting for work. If you don’t care about receiving any but the most basic benefits from any expenditure, slash it mercilessly.

Reeling it In

You may feel like spending money on fishing is somehow wrong. But there’s no reason to feel guilty for your hobby. All you have to do is make sure you’re saving plenty of money in other areas of your life and investing regularly for your future, and you’ll be fine.